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Frequently asked question about Quoco products

We understand that you have questions about the Quoco products. What can you expect, what do you get but also about what do you have to do related to servicing your product. Below you will find the frequently asked questions to serve you as fast as possible. If you don’t find the answer, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone, email or WhatsApp

How to order an Quoco

Quoco can be purchase by our dealers. Our dealer locator will help you to find the nearest dealer. Only Quoco products bought from authorized dealers or internet sources will carry valid warranty.

What’s the warranty period of a Quoco product ?

All Quoco Piatto and Quoco Tavolo product have a warranty period of 36 months. For all details check our Terms and Conditions.

Do I have to use wood, charcoal or briquettes on a Quoco?

You can use all of them and depends on what you like best. We advice to us a briquettes grill if you want to use briquettes so the airflow will reach an optimum.

Are Quoco products available in my country?

Quoco products are available in many countries. We can inform you about the closest reseller or help you by purchasing your product if the product is not available in your country.

Of what kind of materials is a Quoco made of?

The base is made of Corten Steel, the bowl and grill ring is made of carbon steel.

Will my terrace get dirty?

As the base is made of Corten Steel with adjustable feet, there is no direct contact between the Corten steel and your terrace. Despite this, there is always a chance by the different elements that rust will attach to your terrace. As it becomes older the less rust will be released by the base

Do I have to protect the ground?

It is not necessary to protect the ground. Ofcourse there is the possibility that oil drops or food will fall on the ground. To protect your outdoor floor, it could be useful to place a plate (wood or steel) underneath the Quoco Piatto

How to light a Quoco?

It is like making a small campfire. Start with building a small wigwam of wood/charcoal or briquettes and place some firelighters cubes in the middle of it. Light the firelighters and let it burn for 20 minutes, after this you can add more fuel to it. The plate will become warm and the oil will run to the center of the plate. The Quoco is ready to use.

How do I clean my Quoco Piatto?

Cleaning the Quoco Piatto can be done in a few minutes with a (Quoco) spatula, kitchen paper, water and some oil

  1. After using the product, use the spatula and push all what stayed behind in the fire.
  2. Take a piece of wet kitchen paper and clean the plate again (watch out the plate can be hot)
  3. Take a bit of oil and some kitchen paper. Put some oil on the kitchen paper and rub it out on the whole plate.

I want to use it for the first time, what do I have to do?

The first time the plate should be burned with a food-grade oil to make cooking easy and to protect it against the elements. If the Quoco Piatto is not used, a little drop of oil should be put on the plate to protect it against the elements.

What is the reason of the slide under the bowl?

The slide in the bottom can be used to release the ash or to add air to the bowl. Keep in mind that glowing parts can fall down if the slide is open. If the slide is open be aware that no wood is below to avoid smolder or burning of the stored wood.

What is the temperature of the Quoco Piatto during usage

By using the product, it can get very hot.  Be careful with this as injury can occur. Temperature of the plate can get 300 degrees Celsius or above. Also the bowl and upper part of the base will become hot.

What do I get when I order a Quoco Piatto

If you order a Quoco Piatto you get:

The  Base
The Bowl
The Plate/Plancha

Manage your Quoco experience

Is it possible to get an impression how it fits my garden or terrace?

We understand that feeling and ambiance are a very important thing. To give you a good impression we make pictures which are available on Instagram and we have our own Experience center in the Netherlands

Where can I find pictures or movies of Quoco

Picture can be found on our Instagram account, Facebook and our website. For movies visit our Youtube channel. For high-resolution pictures needed for sales or marketing purposes, contact our marketing team

Is there a place where they demonstrate the product?

Our products are demonstrated at many indoor and outdoor events. We also have our own experience center in ‘s-Hertogenbosch to show and demonstrate our product line.

How long will it take to get to the Experience center?

It will take 1,5 hour drive from Dusseldorf
1 hour drive from Amsterdam airport
40 minutes from the Belgium border.

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